Work with us

re:ceeve is a venture financed, digital debt servicing start-up based in Hamburg. We are currently building a team of like-minded and determined individuals, all looking to put their dent on the world and in the FinTech sector.

Our software will disrupt the debt servicing industry and take it in a new direction based on technology versus manual labour. These processes as well as regulatory aspects need to be baked into the code, driving effectiveness and transparency. We help our clients put their customers first and with transparency.

We are looking for team members who like to run up escalators and live with a sense of urgency to get things done. Our job descriptions are written in pencil. Once in your role, you adapt to the tasks at hand and wield the pencil as well as the eraser.

We like to set our targets high but believe in under-promising and over-delivering. And finally, we like well-rounded individuals. We work hard but we have families, do sports, pursue the arts, travel and whatever else allows us to decompress when necessary.

Why We Work Here

Learning Culture

We learn from our mistakes and constantly improve. We are all eager to learn.

Professional Growth

We care deeply about the growth of our team and offer guidance to do so.

Work-Life Balance

We all have lives, we get it. We respect everyone’s personal life.

Open Positions

re:ceeve is seeking a Business Analyst (f/m/d) to join our growing team. re:ceeve is a well funded FinTech start-up based in Hamburg, run by seasoned f...

re:ceeve sucht einen neuen Praktikanten im Bereich Marketing (w/m/d) zur Verstärkung unseres wachsenden Teams. Du arbeitest direkt mit dem Senior Management zusammen und hast tolle M...

re:ceeve is seeking a Sales Executive for Enterprise SaaS (f/m/d) to join our growing sales team. re:ceeve is a well funded FinTech start-up based in H...

re:ceeve is seeking a new Business Development Intern (f/m/d) to join our growing team. You will be working directly with senior management and have immense opportunity to learn and...

Receeve is seeking a Full Stack Engineer to join our Core Engineering team, building out the core product. You are an all-rounder and feel comfortable moving up, down, left or right a...