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re:ceeve is pleased to announce the launch of a pilot partnership with Komerční banka (“KB”) von ESSOX to implement our collections platform. It is re:ceeve’s goal to enable KB and ESSOX to adopt a digital-first approach to accounts receivables and credit lifecycle management.

Additionally, the re:ceeve platform will help digitise, automate, analyse, and improve processes, as well as aim to improve the overall experience of KB as well as ESSOX’s customers by analysing data and personalising messaging.

KB and ESSOX were introduced to re:ceeve by the innovation team at KB. Komerční banka, founded in 1990, is a major Czech bank and the parent company of KB Group, a member of the Société Générale international financial group. ESSOX, a daughter company of KB, is a master portfolio manager and focuses on accounts receivable and collections.

We began working with KB and ESSOX and quickly saw clearly their passion for doing business with the interests of their customers in mind, as well as their strong sense of corporate responsibility. These cultural components of KB and ESSOX aligned well with the business goals and culture of re:ceeve. KB puts their clients’ needs at the forefront, and that is exactly what re:ceeve is dedicated to accomplishing.

I’m extremely excited about working together with KB, an established and leading player in the Czech market. They are a highly innovative corporation where we were happy to be welcomed with open arms for our digital solution.

– Paul Jozefak, CEO & Co-Founder, re:ceeve GmbH

The pilot partnership between KB, ESSOX and re:ceeve will seek to drive key performance indicators that directly impact the customer experience as well as ROI. It is important that customers feel treated fairly while KB’s general collections recovery rate increases as well. To this end, we will work together to:

What KB and ESSOX seek to accomplish overall is to increase the value retained within their businesses by dramatically advancing their credit lifecycle processes, and essentially drive a win:win scenario when it comes to accounts receivables. They will be able to personalise dunning messaging and approach their clients with repayment options, while simultaneously increasing their recovery rate and ability to measure their results. 

re:ceeve is located in Hamburg, Germany, and was founded in 2019. re:ceeve offers white-label collections software as a service to help enterprises revolutionise their business processes around credit lifecycle management. If you are interested in a product demonstration, or would like to learn more about re:ceeve, please contact or reach out on our website today.

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