DCA Assignment

Send accounts to the right DCA at the right time. Gain operational efficiency with data enriched, segmented, and scored portfolios available to third parties for recovery in real-time along with agency KPIs for assignment optimisation.

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Debt Collection Agency Assignment

Enhance DCA management by incorporating receeve’s Partner Management into your organisation’s strategy. Improve recoveries 23% by placing accounts with a partner most specialised for your types of cases.

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  • dd Simplified data transfer of rich, normalised data-sets to DCAs
  • dd Gain real-time visibility into DCA performance
  • dd Portfolio segments matched to DCA strengths
  • dd Prescriptive performance-based assignment
  • dd Standardise and control processes

Solutions for every stage of debt management

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

Late Collections

Stage 4


Stage 5

Debt Sale

Optimise and increase collections & recovery during every stage of debt management.