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A Day in the Life of a Marketing Intern

By Chan Hsuan Hung
Monday, April 19 2021



What does a typical weekday look like as an intern at receeve, a remote-first company? Let’s find out!

8 AM:
Working at a remote-first company means that you don’t need to get up early to catch the train. You can enjoy the sunshine while having breakfast at home, not on the run. I usually wake up at around 8 AM and start preparing my breakfast by my window.

8:50 AM:

The first thing in my everyday routine is to check my email, my calendar and Slack, our messaging tool.

As an intern in the marketing department, I have to take note of our website traffic and see who downloaded marketing materials. I will then check their Linkedin profile to see if those are considered leads that could be worth a follow-up by the sales team.

10 AM:
I also create our LinkedIn sponsored content ads and I love it. It is so much fun creating images and content that promote our company on different social media channels. It’s thrilling to see your own creative design go live and actually draw attention and traffic.

However, content or images creation is not as simple as it seems. One of the team members briefs me on the importance of identifying the right target audience and what their interests and needs are.

12 PM:
It’s time for lunch. I usually listen to music or the news while preparing my lunch. When the weather is good enough, I will have my lunch in the backyard, listening to birds sing and enjoying a light breeze on my face.

Flexibility is also one of the many advantages working at receeve. You can arrange your workload and your time all by yourself. You definitely have your to-do lists and deadlines every week, but when to start working every morning is 100% at your disposal.

1 PM:
After lunch I start reviewing and uploading the weekly blog post to WordPress, meaning I have to check the content, the consistency of the words, create graphs if needed and make sure that the post looks professional and is error-free on the website.

We usually publish our blog posts on Thursdays at 3:00 PM and post it along with the social media content on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, hoping to draw more traffic to our brand.

4 PM:
The marketing team meeting usually takes place at 4 to 5 PM on a daily basis. Each team member will talk about their current projects, ask questions and share their opinions on present topics.

Sometimes, I help the sales team examine and clean up information on different Excel sheets. I consider it one of the interesting things working at a startup: you will be exposed to various tasks within your role. I love using Excel and getting things done quickly.

6 PM:
I usually finish my day at around 6 PM. Before shutting down my laptop for the day I will check my calendar again to have an overview of the next day’s workload. Afterwards I will enjoy a walk through the beautiful park right next to my house.

Working at a startup means you are learning and growing together with the company. With receeve, you learn a lot of cool tools like Canva, Asana, WordPress and Hubspot. Everyday there will be interesting and challenging tasks ahead of you, so you definitely never get bored. Your small contribution might make a big change!

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