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From marketing intern to full time employee

By Chan Hsuan Hung
Tuesday, August 24 2021



To understand how I moved from an Intern to a full-time employee, it is important to talk a bit about my background story. I grew up in the second biggest city in Taiwan where everyone only speaks the local languages – Mandarin and Taiwanese. As an English literature student, I dreamed of stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing various cultures in different countries. Therefore, after a few years working in Taiwan, I decided to go to Germany to start a new journey in 2017.

I made up my mind that I wanted to engage in marketing. Thus, I took a lot of courses and seminars regarding digital marketing, content marketing and SEO during my masters and luckily found a few internships afterwards.

My journey at receeve

I applied for an internship at receeve in 2020 because I saw the growing potential in SaaS companies and considered that it would be very interesting and exciting to start working and developing my skills at a SaaS startup. Visiting receeve’s Linkedin profile, I found that more than half of the employees were internationals, so I decided that it would be a great place for me to apply and grow my skills. It showed me that receeve had an international environment and was open to applicants from all over the world.

Entering the financial technology world was not easy for me as a literature student. When I started at receeve, it was a challenge to understand all the industry terminology regarding FinTech, SaaS and debt collection. Luckily, my supervisors were always open to help me understand the industry and the market and were also very receptive to new ideas and questions. The guidance I received at receeve helped me catch up quickly. I was able to find the information and resources that were needed to complete all of my tasks and projects.

At receeve, I have learned a lot about competitive research, blog development and content research as well as performance marketing, SEO, campaign management and metrics analysis. I even started building a website myself to get a better understanding of the receeve website such as how to adjust HTML/CSS structure or how to increase more traffic to the website. I know that I can use what I’ve learned here to further develop my marketing skills.

Promoted to a full-time position

One particular memory I have enjoyed, was when my supervisor asked for my feedback on working at the company and if I would like to join as a full-time employee. I was very happy that my work was being appreciated. I like the startup culture and all its flexibility, so I decided to stay at receeve after a week’s consideration.

The great part about working at receeve is its remote-first culture which allows me to visit Taiwan, my home country, from time to time. Moreover, I like my colleagues a lot, especially in the marketing team. We always have a very nice working environment. And from their expertise, their unique ways of thinking, and their personalities, I have learned a lot from them and I am sure I will keep on developing my skills by working together with all those amazing colleagues.

Now as a full time employee, I do have more responsibilities compared to when I was working as an intern. I enjoy the freedom and flexibility that I have as well as the ability to have full control in the decision process of creating and accomplishing my projects.

A few tips to future interns

At last, I would like to give future interns a couple of tips from my experience regarding how you could obtain a full time position:

  1. See yourself as an employee, not just as an intern. And when you receive any feedback, suggestions or questions, make sure not to question your abilities, but ask yourself how can I use this feedback to improve and be my best self.
  2. Value every mistake. Learn from them and come up with solutions to prevent them from happening again, and if they do, just remember that failure is what drives your accomplishments as long as you keep going towards the solution.
  3. Observe how your colleagues communicate with each other and pay attention to what their strengths are, so you will know who to turn to when encountering any difficulties.
  4. Ask questions, as often as you can, especially whenever you are unclear of what your initial tasks are or if you ever have any doubts. Asking questions shows that you are thinking critically. It also implies that you are passionate about the topic and that you would like to learn more.This determination and focus is important in your journey to become the talent that you are.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our receeve-team, have a look at our career page and check out our current job openings and the inside receeve page.