Case Study:

A Digital First Approach to Collections

“receeve provided the best solution we could find in the market. We chose receeve because of a fast integration, intuitive interface, and effective delivery of KPIs.”

Stephan Schuller

Managing Director, Pactum Collections GmbH

Pan-European debt collections under one roof

Ferratum is an international provider of mobile banking services and digital consumer and small business loans. ​receeve works with their subsidiary, Pactum Collections GmbH (“Pactum”) to simplify receivables & portfolio management. The partnership with receeve is a perfect fit for Pactum as they scale their services to a pan-European level by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, advanced behavioral science & AI to reshape the sector.

The Challenge

Pactum deals with thousands of overdue accounts each week. The problem with these overdue accounts is further multiplied by their presence in 17 countries. There was an increasing need to shift towards a more digital collections management system, and manage the call centre operations in the most efficient way.

  • Pactum’s goal was to improve recovery rates and cash-collected by leveraging AI-optimised messaging, linking customers to brand compliant landing pages that offered a choice of payment methods.
  • Pactum wanted a solution that enabled setting up different workflows in a quick and lean manner, with the option to A/B test different communication strategies.
  • Pactum aims to open its services to other clients beyond parent Ferratum and looked for a digital and lean solution that would be fully ready to scale to different markets.

The Solution

After considering several available options, Pactum chose the enterprise collections platform receeve, beginning their shift to a digital-first approach in collections.

  • Fully automated self-service collections: In keeping with current communication trends, tens of thousands of customers are contacted through fully automated personalised messaging via digital channels – Emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.
  • Customisable customer-facing content: People within Pactum can instantly create and edit content across different touch-points that solicit the best responses from customers.
  • Fully data-driven decision making: Measuring and analysing every interaction in the customer journey, as well as the performance of each piece of content allows for data-based strategic decision making.
  • Full flexibility for rapid adaptation: Using receeve’s strategy and Email Builder/Landing Page Builder, new insights can be immediately implemented into the customer journey without the need for IT resources. Pactum decided to test a certain segment of customers with a specific strategy and rolled the strategy out to the entire market after 24 hours (within 48 hours, the team went from concept → testing → analysis → and complete rollout).

The Results

Collection Efficiency


increase in cash collection

Operational Efficiency


decrease in outbound calls

Digital Collections


of payments made via landing pages


increase in 7 DPD customers’ payback

A combination of digital outreach and self-service payment options enabled customers to make payments easily. This ultimately reflected in an increased amount recovered overall from customers who were 7 days past due (DPD).


increase in instalment plans

The drag-and-drop customer journey builder allowed Pactum to offer instalment plans to their customers in a smarter and segmented manner. An unprecedented 3X increase in the customers’ choosing instalment plans was observed.

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