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With the first lockdown because of COVID in March/April 2020, we decided to move fully remote and be a remote first company. With that decision we also decided to hire globally and find the best talents not only in Hamburg, where the headquarter is located, but also in the rest of Germany and the rest of the world.

Very soon we saw the first great talents joining re:ceeve but we also realized that we have new challenges with remote recruiting. One of these challenges is digital onboarding and we have noticed that it is a living process. We learn about it every time one of our colleagues is joining re:ceeve and therefore gladly accept the feedback we get from them after their onboarding. We try to continuously optimize our process in order to give you everything you need to succeed at re:ceeve.

At re:ceeve we like to work as transparent as possible and therefore want you to have a first glance at your onboarding process right from the start. That means with our first welcome email you get an overview chart of how your onboarding looks. You will also receive your first contact person who is taking care of your onboarding and is reachable for all of your questions.

Even before your start date, we will send you the so-called “paperwork” email, and yes, it is kind of boring as it sounds, but is simply necessary and we try to do this as smoothly and conveniently for you as possible. Once this is done, you will receive access to our tools and your company accounts so that you can set up your work environment.

For the first few days we also schedule video calls for your professional onboarding in order to to know your teammates and possibly other departments. As our team is constantly growing, it isn’t possible to sync with everyone at re:ceeve anymore, but we will put you in touch with your peer group so you have a first anker within re:ceeve and know the colleagues you will work with the most. And of course, you are always more than welcome to schedule more meetings/syncs by yourself. We know that, especially in remote working environments, connecting to your colleagues and setting up meetings are more than important to get up to speed and be successful.

In addition to the professional training and getting in touch with your new colleagues, it is also very important to us that you understand what re:ceeve is doing. For this purpose, we schedule further meetings with content about our vision and our product from a technical perspective and from our client’s perspective. As we know collections is kind of a niche market, we also give you insights into the collections market to make sure everyone knows not only what we are doing but also why.

On your first day, we announce that you are starting via our company Slack channel in order to welcome you.
Because even if we have to rethink a lot of things and haven’t perfected everything yet, one thing remains unchanged: We are happy to have you on board and look forward to working with you at re:ceeve!


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