Full Stack Engineer – Core Engineering Team

Receeve is seeking a Full Stack Engineer to join our Core Engineering team, building out the core product. You are an all-rounder and feel comfortable moving up, down, left or right across the entire stack.

We help resolve serious problems in credit, where there are impacts on all kinds of businesses and consumers. It’s serious business and European banks alone generate over 150 billion Euros per year in new problem cases.

But it’s not just the business opportunity that is large. It’s a tech challenge. Everything we deal with is asynchronous. There can be milliseconds or weeks in between reactions or events. This comes with a set of technical challenges that go above and beyond the run of the mill app. There are multiple stakeholders, inputs, and third parties. As a team, we built a fully enterprise-ready solution in the course of a few months, one capable of scaling almost infinitely. Our architecture is unique and provides real flexibility for implementing new features.

Our people want to win and push themselves to become the best in their field. They combine a never-ending curiosity, a desire to make things happen, work openly and closely with colleagues across the business, and evolve to become comfortable with making their own decisions and taking responsibility for services that make up the entire system.

They put in the thought on complex issues, talk within the team about the tradeoffs of various solutions, welcome feedback, and implement quality directly into the code. This includes comfort with various abstractions and patterns, as well as creating the tests necessary to ensure that the code works properly. When there is technical debt created, they document it for later, or while building something new, refactor the services to make them better as they go.

If you think a great day starts with a challenge to solve, want to have a real impact in one of Europe’s Fintech companies, and be part of a diverse team, then send us a CV and do include some information that’s helpful to round out the bullet points in a CV. This could be a short blurb why you’re interested, a link to code or projects you’ve done in the past. Anything that helps us understand you.


What we’re looking for:

  • Enthusiasm for working in a high-profile startup culture. We ship updates quickly, on tight schedules, with large volumes being processed
  • Polyglots welcome: We use Typescript for most everything, but experience with typical back-end programming languages and no fear of typing is fine
  • Experience across a variety of data storage, from ElasticSearch to Time-Series, and the classics of relational and No-SQL
  • Ability to abstract using a hexagonal clean code philosophy
  • Drive to create event-driven, immutable systems. 
  • Experience with scaling from 0 to one million operations per minute
  • Experience with API design (Swagger, Contracts, etc)
  • Experience with containerised services
  • Understanding of infrastructure as code 
  • Experience with third-party API’s
  • Solid understanding of testing, continuous integration and deployment
  • Experience in Agile software development: Git, Jira, etc.


  • Join one of Europe’s top startups
  • Work in the architecture everyone talks about, but doesn’t implement
  • Work in the heart of Hamburg in a very international team
  • A flat hierarchy, where you will have direct access to the founders
  • A high degree of learning and ownership in a dynamic environment

This job is located in Hamburg, Germany.