Improve collections through intelligent customer segmentation

AI-Driven Insights

You remain in the driver’s seat and have full control over how and where to utilise our AI. Define your strategic goals, and our AI will help you optimise every step along the customer journey.

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Take the friction out of collections

Digital Self-Service

Our white label software solution is built to help financial organisations reduce losses from overdue customers. Communicate with your customers on their preferred digital channels.

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Go online in weeks, not months

Plug and Play

Software onboarding does not need to be a tedious process. Our experienced enterprise software team understands that the sooner you get started, the better. From day one we built our entire onboarding process to be streamlined into weeks, not months.

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Drive results through real data, not guess work

Strategic Metrics

With AI-driven data on customer behaviour and analytics, you will always be up-to-date on the best communication templates, customer profiles, and latest behavioural insights. Easily export all data as .csv files to further improve flexibility. 

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Manage your collections all in one place

Case Management for Collections

Collections software should make your life easier. That’s why we baked in all essential case management tools into our end-to-end platform. From individual cases, legal, and communication tracking, we have you covered. 

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