Digital Self-service collections

Reach your customers with personalised messaging via digital channels, optimised by our AI. Guide them to a self-service landing page to resolve outstanding debt within minutes. Frictionless and customer-friendly

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Data driven decision making

Tracking and analysing every single interaction during the customer journey in real time allows for fully data-driven decision making. This makes it easy to identify bottlenecks as well as drivers of high performance to optimise the customer journey

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Full flexibility and no-code adaptation

All insights can be rapidly implemented into the customer journey via our No-Code Strategy and Content-Editor with only a few clicks and without any IT resources. Configure how and when to leverage AI in your strategy based on your preferences

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Built by Enterprise Software Experts

How is receeve different?

Our solution enables:

  • Personalised communication via various channels
  • Digital payments for customers
  • Continuous improvements of your collections processes
  • Rapid adaptations based on insights

re:ceeve is a debt collections and analytics software specifically designed to meet the needs of enterprise clients, with fast and easy integration in weeks, not months

White label collections management software

Your Benefit on Multiple Levels

Our enterprise collection software helps businesses to decrease losses from past-due accounts. We know how important it is to recover past-due accounts as quickly as possible. That’s why we get our clients up and running in weeks, not months. On average, our clients have seen 30% more funds collected over the first 2 weeks after starting a digital collections campaign.

Reduced Collection Costs

By digitising every process, you drive down the cost of collections

Recovery Rates

Offering digital payment methods and optimising customer outreach together guarantee a frictionless customer journey ultimately leading to increased recovery rates

Speed of Recovery

Reaching out to customers in a timely manner and addressing overdue debts via digital payment methods significantly increases the speed of recovery

Secure & Compliant

Regulations and compliance standards are baked into the code. Changes in regulations can be easily integrated. We adhere to the highest IT-security standards

Reduced Churn

Optimising communication & providing a user-friendly experience prevent the loss of customers

Happy Customers

Customer interaction has changed. With personalised, omni-channel outreach and self-service solutions driven by behavioural segmentation & AI, customer satisfaction is guaranteed

Start recovery today – request a demo

See how we can help you manage your collections strategies, monitor your success, and craft personalised messaging all in one platform


more recovered with less effort

Plug & Play

Our software is specifically tailored to the needs of large enterprises. We ensure that your success is enduring

Leveraging our highly experienced enterprise software management team, we provide small footprint integration (file-based or API-based) and support you through the entire implementation process.

The integration itself requires very little effort and IT resources from your side.

We continue to assist you closely even after going live – with relevant insights, strategies and content.

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