What is re:ceeve?

re:ceeve is an ambitious debt collection management and analytics software designed to streamline collections processes and personalise customer messaging. We enable enterprises to operationalise their debt collection processes through artificial intelligence, automation, and messaging tools. This creates a much smoother and self-service oriented experience for your customers. Additionally, re:ceeve provides real-time data to support decision-making to inform the financial health of your organisation by understanding customer repayment behaviours.

debt collection strategy editor in receeve's software

Digitise processes & channels

  • Landing Pages, Email, SMS, Social Messaging & more
  • Digital payment methods & instalments
  • Turn manual workflows into automated strategies
  • Reporting & Analytics
debt collection media channel success funnel in receeve's software

Optimise customer interaction

  • Content Editor
  • Strategy Editor
  • Reactions Editor
  • Segmentation
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Al-driven Testing
debt collection software powered with artificial intelligence by receeve gmbh

Leverage AI infused with behavioural science

  • Full Al driven strategy & content based on continuous A/B testing
  • Find the optimal sentiment & tone for each customer interaction
  • Use concepts from behavioural Economics, Psychology to nudge repayment

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How the receeve debt collection platform enables effective digital debt resolution

Customer interactions have changed

Traditional communication strategies are less effective because of changes in consumer behaviour.

We created a collections solution for the shifting preferences of modern consumers by offering a self-service model of repayment. By improving ease of repayment, we enable businesses to improve cash flow and liquidity. Additionally, access to real-time data enables enterprises to uncover customer behaviours and make top-level decisions regarding lending.

Our AI driven platform adjusts and learns best practices from your collections outreach and continuously improves over time.

Turn every claim into a resolutive dialogue

Resolutive Dialogue is a collections methodology developed to nudge customers to repayment by creating personalised dialogue and conflict resolution.
While traditional debt collection deters your customers with frustrating experiences, resolutive dialogue builds the valuable connections that they are looking for and breaks down barriers to repayment.
To benefit from resolutive dialogue at scale, this strategy has to be infused with behavioural science and artificial intelligence, which work in tandem to continuously improve personalised messaging.

resolutive dialogue is a revolutionary debt collection methodology

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