Our mission

re:ceeve implements resolutive dialogue, a revolutionary debt collection methodologyre:ceeve GmbH set out to completely disrupt the collections industry using technology. We are implementing AI and behavioural science to drive resolutive dialogue between our clients and their customers. We don’t believe that it makes sense to give away to third-parties the most important relationship: that with your customers. The interests of your customers are not aligned with third-party collections agencies; why throw away the hard-won relationship and all the effort you invested into building it?

Our approach sees our software and collections processes as a part of customer service, driving a win:win solution for both our clients and their customers. Our collections platform allows the customer to easily communicate with our client via digital channels and automated processes, dynamically driving the interaction towards the resolution of the issue.

We understand that at times customers may not be in a situation to immediately resolve the problem and they need options. We make it as easy as possible for them to actively resolve their problem online or find a mutually agreeable path to resolution. This can be as simple as giving them another modality for payment or may involve offering payment plans as well as refinancing options. Customers are the lifeblood of our client’s business, and they need to be offered modern-day solutions that are interactive and enable self-service. Hurdles and friction need to be removed when it comes to dialogue, payments and ultimately the customer relationship.

Our Story

We have done and seen this before. As founders of re:ceeve, we have spent years at the convergence of payments, lending as well as collections. At re:ceeve we address the whole value chain of collections. As former VCs, we wanted to raise venture capital to drive rapid growth towards market dominance.
We also knew that we wanted to go about building the company our way. Having always led diverse teams, we set out to recruit the best people for our team, regardless of where they come from. We have been an international team from day one. We strive for gender equality, and by having an international approach we can open up opportunities which may otherwise not present themselves. We aim to be a distributed team unattached to one location. Remote work is not only tolerated but celebrated at re:ceeve. We believe in having a life outside of the office, and at times, a commute can severely cut into that. Nevertheless, we also do our best to get our team together regularly to allow for in-person interaction. It is all about balance: family, work, life, culture, and diversity.

Our values

We strive for extensive ownership, transparency and accountability at re:ceeve. It is encouraged amongst our employees to work independently and make decisions as necessary. At the same time, we believe strongly in mentoring and developing our team. We prefer someone who is motivated to grow in their role verses those set in their ways.

Getting things done resonates loudly throughout our team. We do not fear making mistakes as long as one learns from them. We bias towards action, even when faced with uncertainty and the risk of picking the wrong course. We understand that the journey is one of continuous learning and collaboration. It is our goal to provide the tools and a general direction and let the team define their own roadmap. There will be hardships and roadblocks along the way. Our goal is to come together as a team to pursue a clear strategy, weaving and winding our way past the hurdles encountered. We provide equity to our team to involve them not only in helping us on our journey but in participating in the spoils.

Meet the team:

Paul Jozefak

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael Backes

Co-Founder & CTO

Jürgen Brandt

Chief Revenue Officer

Denys Burdeniuk

Senior Software Developer

Germain Clauss

Software Developer

David Diaz receeve software engineer

David Diaz

Software Developer

Nicole Fink

Office Manager

receeve business analyst Jan

Jan Frommann

Business Analyst

Juliane Harth

Head of Finance

John May

Online Marketing Manager

Addy Muthusamy

Business Analyst

Luis Rangel

Senior Software Developer

Sergio Schueler Senior Product Manager at receeve

Sérgio Schüler

Senior Product Manager

Jose St Bernard

Software Developer

Maximilian Steuck

Business Analyst

peer ziegler

Peer Ziegler

SVP Operations


Matthias Kröner


Pat Phelan