Collections Scoring & Predictive Analytics

Boost agent and manager productivity with dynamic segmentation prioritising customers by likelihood-to-pay and at-risk value.

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Collections Scoring & Predictive Analytics

Integrate data previously siloed in multiple systems and automate intelligent, consistent, compliant and auditable decision-making. Segment beyond static classifications to build effective collections strategies.

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  • dd Identify low at-risk segments for easy self-service
  • dd Real-time recalibration of collections-risk scores
  • dd Business users can easily build and adapt rules
  • dd Machine learning-powered models & decision flows
  • dd Dynamic, intelligent, compliant and auditable decision-making
  • dd Improve credit risk management

Solutions for every stage of debt management

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3

Late Collections

Stage 4


Stage 5

Debt Sale

Optimise and increase collections & recovery during every stage of debt management.