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Fereshteh is our first Data Scientist. We asked her our 10 important and not so important questions of “10 Questions with”. Find out more about what it is like working as a Data Scientist at re:ceeve.

  1. What are you doing at re:ceeve?
    As a data scientist, Analytics obviously plays a large role in my job. I have the full support to ensure I can get my hands on the data that I need with the help of our great people on the tech side. More importantly though our problem space is comparatively massive compared to non-financial industries. I work with both Michael and developers from problems as tight as transforming the data and building a data lake to enrich the claims to analyzing the consumer’s interaction with our software and communication strategies.
  2. Where are you located?
    I have recently moved to Hamburg.
  3. How did you end up at re:ceeve?
    Having recently been in this position, I was thinking of moving to another city and seeking a better life/work balance. After talking to Michael (CTO of the company), I got really excited about the idea of AI in Collections and their product. I felt that the goals of my own align with the company. I loved it here.
  4. Why did you choose to work for re:ceeve and why working in collections?
    There are extremely interesting problems to solve in Finance and I have worked as a Data Analyst before in this field. However, I have to say only a limited number of companies are truly embracing modern data science/machine learning. They are subject to tight regulations and it takes quite a long time for them to adopt new technologies, which is part of what spurred me to choose to work for re:ceeve. For me, re:ceeve is different in many ways from people to business as a whole. I love that we are given the ability to have a massive impact on the collections. I would say it’s a hot startup with a great team and interesting products.
  5. What is your morning routine before starting your work?
    Honestly, I’m just a morning person. Even though I don’t need to start my work until 9 am, I’m usually up around 6 am. I prefer to take my time eating breakfast and browsing news to catch up with the world. My mornings are pretty easy though, because most of the “getting ready” is done the night before, including showering, packing my lunch, etc. That lets me relax in the morning and have time to review my agenda for the day. If I get some time, I will go for a short walk to feel fresh.
  6. Do you prefer remote work or going to the office?
    A mixture of both is probably the best. Having a real conversation over lunch or coffee in the office is something that I missed the most. On the other side, I prefer to manage myself and work without distractions.
  7. Why working in a Start-up?
    I have many reasons to choose working in a Start-up over a big corporate. But in general, in Start-ups things change fast and they change a lot. People also tend to be more dedicated in Start-ups than in others. You’re part of something that can make a difference. You won’t be shot down for suggesting or trying new ideas.
  8. How does your perfect “Feierabend” (German term for time in the evening after work) look like?
    Finishing my day feeling like I accomplished something and was productive would be a good start. In the evenings when I’m not relaxing, I like to find different events around– including the plethora of concerts or community gatherings– or go out to the bars to hang out with friends and/or coworkers. My #1 hobbie these days is just walking. Hamburg is a great city for walking around. I’m usually listening to something like a podcast or good pop music. I don’t have any technical side projects right now, but I do use my spare time to see what is happening in the AI world and play around with Machine learning app development.
  9. With whom of the company would you like to switch jobs for one day?
    I have always been on this side of a table (I mean back office ) and I would love to see a world from the eyes of other members who are sitting on the other side. So if not Paul, then definitely Janet. I would like to see how they interact with interested parties and what stories they have. Time to transfer some funds!
  10. Who would you like to nominate for the next interview?
    Luis or Peer

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